Instagram Likes

We live in a world where everyone constantly seeks the approval of others. We scour fashion magazines, watch hours of television, and scan the Internet to keep up with what’s popular and to make sure we never fall behind. This need for approval is the root of the “like” button that so many social media sources have implemented. The “like” button is a way for other users to let you know that they liked what you posted. As more and more users like your post, the likes accumulate and the count is displayed underneath the post.


In Instagram, each picture you post has a “like” button. If other users think the photo you posted was interesting, funny, attractive, or just overall enjoyable to look at, they can click a little heart shaped icon (the “like” button on Instagram) to reflect their approval. Pictures on Instagram that have more likes are more likely to draw more attention, because they will show up higher in search results when users search for a picture with certain hashtags. Instagram users often implement a “like for like” trade, where they offer to like another user’s picture in exchange for receiving a like back from that user. Buy instagram followers to get more likes for your picture.

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